Bench at the train station

The second best thing to riding a bike to work is catching a train to work.

I can only do it a couple of times in my working week because of the different start and finishing times. In addition, I am not at walking distance to the station so when I can, I need to drive there, park my car and do the second half of the commute in the train, a whole 12 min.

There is something about travelling on trains, something that I could never do because of where I lived and, being honest here, for not ever thinking about alternative types of transport when choosing a place to live and work.

I came from a country where train-surfing was invented, from a city where the trains arrived at the Central Station overloaded with commuters of all kinds. Again, that wasn’t part of my life. The only time I witnessed the diversity of life found in major stations was during seldom journeys to the city centre or when I watched a movie on the TV.

There were overseas travels later in life. In any of the cases, they fascinated me. They made me want to do more of it one day.

I have a chance to get a taste of it, now. It makes me happy.

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