Japan 2015 - Tsukiji

The first stop in Japan is almost over. The plan was to visit the Seafood Market and the Tsukiji Tuna Auctions.

I didn't manage to do everything I planned. However, I did experience things that I might not even have found if I didn't drift a little from my original course.

At first, photographing was a bit of a challenge. Mostly, because of the presence of a huge number of tourists (and a few locals) walking from shop to shop, food stall to food stall, looking lost. Or perhaps just a little overwhelmed as I was.

Getting the camera out made me feel a little odd. I needed a little more space and that I wasn't going to get. Add the many impressions to take in and appreciate, and I only managed a handful of images.

The wholesale market was very different. The crowds had left, some of the places were getting packed and cleaned and only a few buyers were still shopping for the best, or cheaper, seafood to sell at their restaurants. I really enjoyed observing the dynamics of choosing, tasting and buying that was happening right in front of my eyes (lens). It was like a movie.

I could spend one week roaming the Tsukiji area and I would just scratch the surface. It might be something to plan for...

Next stop is Toba, where I am hoping to have the first glance at the Ama-san.

The Tsukiji Wholesale Seafood Market: