Project - Japan 2015

Another phase of my photography journey is about to start.

A couple of years ago, I begun to look into the lives and activities of people who have made their living from fishing the seas around the world. Communities who have been venturing into the sea, in one way or another, for thousands of years. Communities who are also feeling the environmental changes affecting their way of life.

Tomorrow, I will start this journey, heading to a small island in the Sea of Japan. There, I hope to meet the Ama-San divers, who traditionally have been free-diving for food for many centuries.

It will take me a few days to get to the harbour town of Wajima, where I will take the ferry to the island. I planned to spend a few days in Tokyo, a couple of days in Toba (also a place where we can find the Ama-San divers) and a few days in Kyoto on my way. Hopefully, I will get a little familiar with the Japanese culture before getting to this remote island.

I will be blogging during this journey, and the future ones, hoping to provide a good description, and images, of my experiences along the way.

Stay in touch!


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